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I’ve got the feds involved now

I am beyond upset with the postal service. On March 11th I sent out the first batch of challenge coins. It didn’t take long to start getting feedback. Many had no issues and got their coins just fine. But not all. I received pics of envelopes that had been cut and taped back together, pics of my envelopes tucked inside a new envelope and numerous other pics. Many had received empty envelopes that had been tampered with. Some even received the plastic coin holder but the coin had been taken out! That tells me it’s theft! I contacted the post master and began an investigation. The postal service is overseen by federal authorities and this is a federal crime. The investigator wants anyone that had this happen to them to reach out to them. Please call 1-866-644-5696 and select option #2. They WILL find whomever is doing this and they will be dealt with.

I’ve been put in a tough spot. You guys did your part. I did my part. The USPS dropped the ball. But I have tried my best to have new coins made and replace the ones stolen out of my own pocket. In the end it cost me more than I made. The money from this was to fund my trip to the Orlando tow show next week to meet the great people of Florida. While I still plan on going, it’s gonna be rough because I do not have a booth to sell merch there. I will have merch with me, but will not be allowed to set up a stand, it will have to be in the parking lot or at a pre arranged meet up.

Please call and report this if you are a victim. If you still haven’t received your coin let me know and I’ll do my best to get you one asap. In the end, you guys are more important to me than a $20 coin. In the future, all merch will go through a different courier service or at least insured. Thank you guys for all the love and support. Stay safe out there.

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never got my coin thats usps for ya they have left amazon prime packages right in my front yard where people could steal them thanks for the update and keep us up to date

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