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Post office problems

Hello! Many of you received challenge coins with no problems, but not all. A few have received ripped envelopes and apology stickers from the post office. I'm going to my local post office today to find out what is going on. I was assured by the post office there would be no problems using the small envelopes but that was not the case. I'm hoping it happened here locally so I can possibly retrieve the lost coins but I'm sure that's a long shot. I am sure I will have to resend new coins today to the few that were damaged. I believe I have enough coins left to do this. I apologize for the delay. I appreciate all the support and was blown away by the interest in these coins! I ordered a second batch to be made so I will have plenty at the upcoming tow shows. It's been an amazing journey and very soon you will see, it's just the beginning! Big news coming that nobody saw coming! Stay safe!

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I’ve got the feds involved now

I am beyond upset with the postal service. On March 11th I sent out the first batch of challenge coins. It didn’t take long to start getting feedback. Many had no issues and got their coins just fine


Haven’t received mine


I received the post office notice yesterday with no coin.


I am still waiting on my coin….🫤

Replying to

Just wanted to update! I finally received it and it was worth the wait!! So happy!! And it was ok in it’s envelope!


I got my coin yesterday coins in good shape the sleeve it’s in an the envelope, it came in not so good condition but I got my coin an I really enjoy it lol 

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